Holistic Approach


Your health is the most important thing you have. By learning to appreciate the relationships between  these 7 factors:

  • brain development & function
  • posture & movement
  • breathing & airway
  • jaw development & function
  • body chemistry, nutrition & toxicity
  • mental & emotional stress
  • environment & lifestyle

We can then begin to understand how to restore our most important pillar of health…
- good quality sleep

This also lays the foundation for how chiropractic, dentistry and nutritional and environmental medicine can function together as an integral model of health care  for improving health and wellbeing.

Good quality sleep involves understanding the ultimate relationship between brain development and function, posture and movement, optimal jaw growth and position, airway physiology and body chemistry.
Brain Development & Function
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Posture & Movement
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Jaw Development & Function
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Breathing (Airway & Breathing)
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Body Chemistry (Nutrition & Toxicity)
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Emotions (Mental & Emotional Stress)
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Environment & Lifestyle
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