Sleep for Children

babySleep is one of the most important things children need for healthy development of both body and mind. It helps to develop the memory and strengthen the immune system. Even children who get sufficient hours of sleep may still suffer problems from poor concentration, mood swings and display behavioural problems such as ADHD if they suffer from sleep disorders that affect the quality of their sleep.

The Sleep Foundation of Australia states that more than one third of school-age children suffer from a sleep problem¹. The ‘Sleep Disorders Australia’ Website has published a number of factsheets including one on childhood snoring and sleep apnoea that clearly explains how these problems can lead to:-

daytime health problems such as failure to thrive, developmental delay or behavioural problems”²

Please call us today on 9510 7700 to arrange an appointment. We all want our children to develop to their fullest potential so that they can live happy, successful and fulfilled lives. Addressing the causes of sleep disorders in children safely, effectively – and above all, early, can help to ensure correct development of mind and body.

What Problems Can the Sleeping Better Clinic Help With?

Your child might be experiencing one or more sleep disorders. These can include:

  • Snoring and Sleep Apnoea, problems with the airway that could have been disrupted by birth trauma, allergies or anything that causes the child to be a mouth breather;
  • Restless sleep, night sweats, nightmares and sleep walking;

Sleep disorders can lead to:

  • Problems during the day such as moodiness and/or aggression and crying spells;
  • Physical symptoms such as tiredness, tummy aches, colic and achy legs;
  • Behavioural problems that can lead to learning difficulties and attention deficit syndrome;

Your child may appear to be getting sufficient sleep and you may not feel that there is a sleep problem. However, if your child is manifesting daytime symptoms and problems, this needs further investigation.

How Can We Help?

Our approach involves a comprehensive initial assessment to help fit all the pieces of the puzzle together to provide the correct treatment for your child that will allow them to develop physically and mentally to his, (or her,) full potential.

Chiropractors look for the spinal misalignments that can lead to a compromised immune system, increasing the likelihood of infection and problems that can disturb sleep such as sinus blockages and colic. We can also help with breathing by treating the joints of the ribs and chest to facilitate full expansion of the lungs while sleeping.

At The Sleep Better Clinic, we have a holistic approach. This combines proper physical growth and development of the body and the airway with an analysis of the body chemistry and the way that nutrition, toxicity, hormones, infections and energy production need to be looked at as integral parts of the whole picture to ensure better sleep and a healthier, happier life for your child.

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