Snoring / Mouth Breathing

snoring-sleep-apnoeaSnoring is the most common sleep disorder and one that affects almost half of all Australian men. Quite apart from disturbed sleep for the snorer, relationships can reach breaking point. Children can also be affected with serious implications for their long-term health and development.

What Causes Snoring?

Snoring occurs when a loss of muscle tone at the back of the throat and soft palate causes vibration to be set up against the base of the tongue or the back of the throat during breathing. Of course, we may all suffer from upper airway obstruction during a cold or sinusitis, but it should not be ‘the norm’.

Snoring in Children

From the anatomical point of view, we are designed to be ‘nasal breathers’, not ‘mouth breathers’. There can be many reasons why your child might have difficulty breathing properly through the nose ranging from birth trauma, use of a dummy as a baby, allergies and more.

If your child is a mouth breather it is important to get help to correct this – as it is the tongue, sitting in the roof of the mouth during nasal breathing that enables the child’s face to develop normally, growing outward and forward when a child swallows.

The problem for your snoring child is not just one of disturbed sleep, the Harvard Medical School Website reports on a study published in the journal ‘Pediatrics’ that found snoring and other sleep-related breathing problems led to an increased likelihood of the child becoming hyperactive, aggressive or suffer emotional problems like anxiety and depression.

Snoring in Adults

Snoring reduces the oxygen supply to the brain, causing the sufferer to be aroused from sleep many times during the night. With snores reaching an ear-splitting 100 decibels, it is not just the snorer who is woken, it is also bad for their partner and other family members.

For the snorer in particular, depression of the immune system and an increased likelihood of heart disease or stroke is an even more serious consequence than the daytime feelings of exhaustion (although these can prove fatal in that suffers are more likely to suffer accidents at work or while driving).

Seek Help Now!

There are many reasons to seek help from the Sleep Better Clinic for your snoring or for your child’s snoring. While there are literally hundreds of products on the market and numerous ‘home remedy’ suggestions (like sewing a tennis ball to the back of your pyjamas!), all intended to stop people from snoring, none of them address the root cause.

Our holistic approach for both adults and children gets to the root of the problem. Allowing us to help you resolve your snoring problem with an effective treatment program will be beneficial in other areas of your life too – including increased energy levels as getting good sleep affects all areas of our body and mind. Call us today on 9510 7700 and take the first step to getting a good night’s sleep – for all the family!