Sports Performance

Rejuvenating sleep, optimum health and peak performance are inextricably linked.

Serious athletes are always looking for an edge that can be game changing for their performance. One of the key secrets to achieving peak performance in sport is attending to the subtle details of how your body is working, details that are often overlooked but that make a big difference.

This is where sleep medicine, neurology, biochemistry, chiropractic, dentistry and nutrition are combined to enhance performance, and detect and prevent potential injuries.  It is our exclusive Science for the Ultimate Human Program.

We offer athletes an innovative approach to boosting and prolonging elite performance.

We offer athletes an innovative approach to boosting and prolonging elite performance.

There is a whole lot more to sleep than is commonly known. Intuitively, many athletes and coaches know that sleep is important.  However, it is not well understood how sleep, proprioception (information that comes from your muscles and joints relating to your body’s awareness of 3D space) and performance can be used as a strategy to enhance peak performance and recovery. But without it, athletes’ bodies don’t have enough time to rest, recover and rejuvenate at a cellular level, making it impossible to repeat a top performance.

One important aspect of our program is our focus on teeth and how your bite fits together.  Your jaw joints and teeth have a greater influence on brain function, proprioception, balance and power generation than any other part of your body.

In addition, your jaw size influences the size of your airway, which in turn influences the amount of oxygen you can access to control the energy-producing factories in your body (mitochondria). The size of your airway is vital to boosting cellular performance during sport as well as enhancing your recovery during sleep.

By taking a whole body approach, we provide the important ingredients you need to become stronger, faster, better.